DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE|広島でハイレベルな英語教育を提供するラング教育センター


 The strength of our school is based on the qualities of those who comprise it: students, teachers, and administrative staff. We are a Hiroshima-based organization with a wide range of students. In addition to teaching children and adults on our school premises, we also teach at companies, high schools, and universities, tailoring our courses to the needs of our students. We believe that education should be emancipatory, giving students the opportunity to develop their knowledge both in process of thought and in content. While our expertise is in the teaching of language, we remain committed to this broader aim.

 As a school, we are committed to developing our distinctive culture whilst maintaining our core values. The school culture is one of teamwork, diversity, and quality in the classroom. We hold teamwork in high regard, as we believe a sharing of experience and teaching knowledge leads to better classes. As an organization, we recruit teachers from a variety of countries and backgrounds. We select those that we feel have, in their own way, the potential to offer students the environment, instruction, and practice to develop their language skills and cultural awareness. It is our belief that great teachers are those who, in the awareness of new ideas and methods, develop their teaching in a way that suits both them and their students. Within the practicalities of classroom situations, we hold this as a guiding ideal.

 In the future, we plan to develop our courses, drawing on the expertise and flexibility of our staff, to explore new markets with a focus on the highest quality of service. All of us operate within the limits of bounded rationality and in an imperfect understanding of individuals and societies. We take this as a given, yet we believe that through warmth, honesty, and interaction we can extend the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding. While accepting that we are a small part in this whole process, and that the practicalities of everyday life often throw obstacles in our way, it is towards these ends that we strive.

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